A unique "Ego Shooter", Timeshift places players into the role of a fearsome crackshot doctor who just happens to have created a time machine. His project lead uses this time machine to manipulate the past and take over the world. Using a superpowered suit of armor and the ability to manipulate the flow of time, the player has to fight armies of baddies all happen to want his head o­n apike.

Although a conventional first person shooter in many ways, Timeshift's ability to slow, freeze, and even reverse the flow of time gives it a unique twist. Players can enter a Matrix-style bullet time, freeze the action entirely, or recover from a crippling blow by returning the fight to an earlier state. All of these abilities can be used at will, making the game's engine very versatile while maintaining relatively simple play mechanics.

Released for both PC and console, Timeshift was o­ne of 2007's most innovative games. Although it failed to pull the numbers of a Halo game, this clever shooter has earned a legion of devoted fans clamoring for a sequel. Although no plans have been made public about the possibility of a second installment in the Timeshift series, there have been multiple rumors of a second game being forthcoming.

For any gamer looking to see where the next step in the evolution of the FPS genre will take it, look no further than Timeshift. Featuring unique gameplay elements that set it apart from its peers, it is the perfect example of a game that is using technology that might have o­nce seemed futuristic to create the games of today.