Star Craft II

Science Fiction War Game: StarCraft II

In today’s video gaming world there is a specialized genre called “War Games” otherwise known as Real-Time Strategy. The purpose of war games is to complete an objective designated prior to the start of a match. StarCraft II is a video game based in the War Games genre, and takes place in the future.

Players can choose from Terran, Zerg and Protoss. For video game enthusiast familiar with Starcraft and, the most intriguing aspect of war games is the player vs. player option. The most common objective types in player vs. player are free-for-all, capture the flag, or team play.

Free-for-all is a type of scenario where players are pitted against o­ne another. To win, the player must be the last o­ne standing. There are strategies specific to free-for-all to ensure success. A player can focus o­n defense and try to survive while the other players kill each other off. Another strategy is to try and set a temporary alliance with another map member in hopes that they will help you defeat others o­n the map.

Capture the flag is a scenario involves capturing the enemy’s key item such as a flag or notated item. To win, players must get the enemy's item safely to their base. Distractions play a key role to take the focus from the primary target. Players should watch out for enemies that form a strong camp ground around the flag.

Team play is similar to free-for-all in that it is every player pitted against each other, but players are grouped into teams. Sharing of resources and communication are important for success. Each team should carefully devise a proper combination and strategy to overwhelm their opposition.