Shooter Games

The World Of Shooter Games

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Playing modern first-person shooter games, often called FPS games, is like being the hero of your own thrilling action movie. Danger lurks around every corner from explosions, enemy players, sometimes even hostile vehicles or air support!

There is a wide variety of popular shooter war games available today, games like the Call of Duty series, the Battlefield series, Gears of War, and dozens more. They take place o­n the virtual battlefields of both World Wars, of Vietnam, even o­n battlegrounds of the American Civil War and of the future, both near and far.

Despite this range of possible settings, most shooter games share the same basic characteristics.

Generally, the player experiences the game in the "first-person" perspective - that is, the action unfolds as if seen through the eyes of a soldier actually taking part in whatever conflict the game represents. The controls allow for free movement through the battlefield, letting the player look around, walk, run, jump, crouch, and climb.

The player also has access to whatever weaponry and equipment the game provides, and may choose different types of weapons and gear for different styles of play. For example, a sniper rifle and binoculars for picking off enemy targets from long ranges; an assault rifle and grenades for medium to short range engagements; or a knife and body armor for close quarters combat.

Once familiar with the movement controls and all geared up, the object of the game is to defeat the other players, whether they are computer-controlled soldiers, or controlled by other o­nline players. Depending o­n the game, this can be accomplished by capturing strategic points o­n the map, destroying enemy positions, or simply killing more enemies than the other team.

Shooter war games are a fun and entertaining way to "play soldier" from the comfort of home!