Half - Life 2

Half-Life 2 is a first person shooter that puts the player in the shoes of Gordon Freeman. The sequel follows the plot of the original Half-Life. The alien race known as the Combine has taken over and enslaved everyone, and Freeman must work against the odds to defeat them. There are a variety of interesting weapons available, including a crossbow that shoots metal rods, and strange vehicles to use to traverse the levels.
The game was developed by the Valve Corporation, and is o­ne of the most popular and critically acclaimed computer games. Unlike the original, the game is set o­n Earth, in a place known as City 17. Freeman has been in stasis since the end of the first game, a period of time somewhere around 10 years. The Combine are in control of the city, and Gordon is put in contact with other resistance fighters, who plan to start a revolution and overthrow the aliens.

One of the most popular and interesting features of the game is the weapon known as the Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator, or gravity gun. It can be used in the game to pick up and move objects of almost any size and weight. Objects can be stacked, thrown, or held and used as a shield when enemies attack. Many of the puzzles in the game rely o­n the gravity gun. The game has a complex physics system for accurately replicating how these items fall or react when thrown.

Other interesting and unusual weapons the player can use to defeat aliens include a pheromone pod launcher and a pulse rifle. The pod launcher shoots a pheromone packet at enemies, which causes other nearby aliens to attack it instead of the player. The pulse rifle fires either a pulse of energy or a dark matter ball, which causes enemies to disintegrate.