Empire: Total War

Empire: Total War allows players to assume control of a faction during the 18th century and attempt in order to gain complete domination of the world by creating an empire. Hailed upon its release for its historical accuracy, breadth of game play, real-time battles, and top-notch visuals, Empire: Total War was a tremendous critical and commercial success. In order to successfully build an empire, players must build and maintain a strong military, have a strong political and economic base, and employ diplomacy or espionage as needed. It is the triumphant melding of these different elements into a cohesive and engaging game that make Empire: Total War o­ne of the most popular strategy games.

The game takes place from 1700-1800 or what is termed the early modern period. Empire takes place o­n two fronts. o­n o­ne hand, gamers must conduct trade, diplomacy, and exploration among many other tasks necessary to maintain and grow the power and influence of their faction. Yet, players will also have to position their military units strategically across the globe and wage successful battles against their enemies. Both the turn-based and real-time aspects of the game are complicated and must be handled properly for the player to be successful.

In addition to an in-depth campaign, Empire: Total War features a multiplayer mode as well. Players can battle each other through real-time battles or engage in a full campaign mode. The full campaign mode adds another layer of difficulty as players face off against human competitors instead of artificial intelligence.

When the game was released in March 2009, it quickly outsold all of the previous Total War games. While game designers admitted that there were some design flaws upon release, those problems have been rectified, and the game remains o­ne of the highest rated strategy games ever released. If a player is looking for a challenging, engrossing strategic simulation, Empire: Total War delivers.