Ego Shooter Games

Ego Shooter Games - Some general information

Ego Shooter Games, more typically referred to in English-speaking countries as First Person Shooter (FPS) games, take players and place them directly into the role of a character. They play from that character's perspective, seeing things from their eyes rather than from a third-person point of view which would allow them to practically become the character o­n screen.

As the name implies an Ego Shooter typically involves lots of shooting and gunplay. Characters main representation of themselves o­n screen is often their hands holding a gun or melee weapon of some variety. Players often engage other players in multiplayer war games, referred to as Death Matches. These battles typically take place o­nline over a network, but LAN (Local Area Network) events are often planned so gamers can gather together and play FPS games.

Ego Shooters come in a variety of different types. Some are slow and methodical, with designers trying to replicate the real experience of being a member of the armed forces or a special police task force. Others are more cartoon-like and action packed, like the popular multiplayer game Team Fortress 2.

First Person Shooters originated o­n the PC but today they are played equally o­n PC and console game systems. Some players prefer to use the mouse and keyboard to control a FPS while others prefer a controller. Specific designers will take this into account when creating their games.

Possibly the most popular genre in existence, the Ego Shooter is a staple for war gamers. World War 2 and Vietnam are both very popular war game settings and literally hundreds of different first person shooters have been set in these environments.

Violent, action packed, and great fun: these are all terms that can be used to describe a FPS. Although not every gamer enjoys these type of games, millions around the world can be found playing some type of ego shooter every year.