Crysis is a first person shooter with a futuristic science fiction theme. It was released for the PC in November 2007 by Electronic Arts. The player takes control of US Delta Force team member Jake Dunn in the year 2020, who is equipped with plenty of high tech weapons. Dunn, who is referred to by his call sign Nomad in the game, is sent to investigate an ancient alien spacecraft that has been located o­n an island near the East Philippines. When he arrives, he must fight both aliens who were in the ship and North Korean forces who have taken over the island.

The game features what many critics and players claim are the best graphics so far in any video game. It is also considered to have a very engaging and in depth game play experience. Players can use a number of attachments, upgrades, and more powerful ammo o­n the wide variety of weapons the game offers. The game is also very open-ended, allowing for a player to shape their own experience. The Nano Muscle Suit that Nomad wears in the game has four main modes, which can be activated at any time but that drain power from the suit.

There is a speed mode that causes the character to run and swim faster, an armor mode that offers superior protection against attacks, a strength mode that boosts the character's hand to hand combat damage, and an invisibility mode known as Cloak. The player can choose how to interact with the AI combative. It's possible to sneak by in stealth mode, launch a sneak attack, or try to outmaneuver the enemy. Crysis also offers great multi player game play that supports up to 32 players in o­ne game, with games like Capture the Flag and Power Struggle.