Console Games

Console Games - Some general information

playstation1,2 and 3
Console games refer to video games which can be played o­n video game consoles. A video game console is a computer specifically designed to play video games and o­nly video games. This differs from a personal computer, or a PC, in that a video game console will be unable to use software other than what the designers allow. Consoles are typically played o­n televisions, but can be hooked up to computer monitors as well. Currently, when a gamer refers to a console game, they mean something available o­n either the XBox 360 or the Playstation 3.

In general, console games are financially the highest preforming platform for video games. With billions in sales annually, console gaming is a big business. Recently, there has been a split in design philosophy between Eastern and Western console game designers. The split between the two trains of thought even extends to the consoles themselves: Microsoft's XBox line was the premier home for more western style games, while Sony's Playstation franchise often leaned more towards Japanese games.

Players usually purchase physical discs which contain the games they plan to use o­n their consoles. These must always be inserted into the console to play the game. However, more and more games are available via the internet and can be downloaded directly to the hard drive. Right now, these are typically smaller games but it is predicted that within the next ten years the majority of game content will be delivered in this manner.

Console games are generally played with controllers rather than a mouse and keyboard. This tends to suit the shoot-em up action games while keyboards are more friendly towards slower paced strategy games. No matter what console you choose, there are hundreds of games available to play immediately.