Company of Heros

A war game with a twist, Company of Heroes manages to do what few real time strategy games have done in recent years: innovate the basic mechanics of the genre. A typical strategy game will require a player to build up a base while attempting to attack the opponents to win the game. Company of Heroes, however, is different. Like a real battle, there are production logistics and base defense, but the most important factor is controlling regions and resources for the benefit of your army.

The necessity of holding multiple landmarks while advancing your forces combined with the games innovative cover feature creates truly epic World War II recreations which can span over an hour of real time gaming for a small match. Requiring clever planning, troop manipulation, and resource management in addition to quick fingers, Company of Heroes is o­ne of the deepest war games o­n the market.

CoH should not be confused with a serious World War II sim, however. Although the game uses true to life weaponry and vehicles, the story takes liberties with history and certainly adds both a comedic and dramatic flair that wouldn't hold up under the scrutiny of historians. However, the realistic warfare and addicting game play should be more than enough to hook any war gamer to their PC for CoHand its two expansions.

Available o­nly o­n the PC, Company of Heroes benefits from a dedicated and diverse group of players ready to battle it o­nline at all hours. Although it doesn't have quite the player base of some of the larger titles, there are still plenty of quick, pick up games to be found. All in all, CoH is a must have for any strategy war gamer.