Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin

Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin is the second game in's vaunted Combat Mission series. Covering the German invasion of Russia from 1941-1945, it continues in the tradition of its predecessor, Beyond Overlord, delivering 3D battlefields that were stunning when the game was originally released in 2002, and an attention to detail that captivates war game enthusiasts even today.

The mechanics of the game are relatively simple: small units, such as squads and individual vehicles, are represented by 3D models that can be given orders to move and shoot o­n the battlefield, taking objectives and moving through terrain that varies from wintry snowbanks and blizzards to hot, dry summer grass. Additional levels of complexity are represented by a command system that penalizes players for moving units too far from their immediate headquarters, based o­n experience: a squad of green Russian conscripts will have a difficult time completing tasks when far from their platoon leader. Units are rated o­n their morale and will break under stress. An intense attention to detail can be found in the units available for play: from the best panzergrenadiers to the most obscure Hungarian and Romanian armored cars, if it fought in Russia during World War II it's here, and lovingly rendered.

Players can create their own maps, scenarios and campaigns, or play the nearly fifty included with the game. In addition, a thriving o­nline community has produced thousands of excellent scenarios. Topping it all off, the game includes a quick battle generator that randomly creates maps and allows players to choose their opposing forces. With a commendable AI that is capable of putting up an excellent fight and multi-player options that allow playing via email or direct connection, Barbarossa to Berlin is a game with amazing replay value, and a distinct place in gaming history.