Alien vs. Predator

The human animal, it seems, is unaccustomed to the fact that to the other species of this solar system or the next, see us as little more than their next meal. Modern weaponry and city living have removed the fear of being hunted from the average person. However, in the new first person shooter Alien vs. Predator, mankind will find guns and ammunition at best a small convenience when not o­ne but two interstellar hunters come sniffing at our heels.

Based o­n the popular movie, comic, and toy franchise of the same name, Alien Vs Predator allows for players to engage in a killer game of cat and mouse with o­ne another. Select a human marine, an alien, or a predator and do battle. Although the game is action-packed, expect some stealth elements as you hunt your prey down abandoned space corridors and bizarre alien planets.

Human players will have to make do with conventional weaponry like assault rifles, shot guns, and flame throwers. This might sound like quite an arsenal, but when battling wall climbing aliens and invisible Predators it hardly seems fair. The three races are actually well balanced and have a unique play mechanics all their own. Gamers will certainly have a favorite, but the developers have done an excellent job of ensuring the game is fair no matter what team a player decides to join.

The graphics in Alien Vs. Predator are simply gorgeous. Slick and grimy, it really gives a good first-person rendition of what it might be like to wander through a nightmarish alien hive or an eerily quiet spaceship. Available o­n the PC and console, AvP comes highly recommended to any twitch gamer looking for some substance in their gaming diet.